The Tomlinson Arboretum consists of approximately 24 acres nestled between subdivisions in Clinton Township.

With grant money and donations hundreds of native trees, wild flowers, and shrubs have been planted thus far. There is a meandering bicycle/foot path that passes by a preexisting wood lot.

People are encouraged to purchase trees as a tribute or memorial. A post is placed near the tree with a plaque. Purchasing a tree enables the arboretum to acquire more trees to plant in the future.

Eventually bridges, benches, information kiosks and perhaps a gazebo might be constructed.

Soon, on this website, will be photographs of every part of the arboretum.

An arboretum is dynamic. Each time a person visits, there will be some, however slight, change. Fifty years from now, the oaks, maples, pines, and tulip trees will be close to one hundred feet tall. Eventually the 50 sugar maple trees will be large enough for the collection of sap to make maple syrup. There is a flowing stream through the western part of the arboretum that encourages wildlife. Wild flowers have been planted in a 45 ft strip under the high tension power lines.

The arboretum is already beautiful. It will only improve with time.

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